Energy Performance Certificate Timetable

EPCs for both Scottish commercial and domestic properties will be introduced in phases according to the following timetable:

1 May 2008

Accredited Certification of Design (Energy Section 6) at Building Warrant stage for all new build properties.

6 December 2008

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) required prior to Sale (dwellings), in line with Single Survey.

4 January 2009

EPC required prior to Sale (non-dwellings).

4 January 2009

EPC must be on display by 4 January 2009 on all Public Buildings over 1000m.

Therefore all property throughout Scotland will require an EPC by the 4th January 2009 at the point of construction, sale or rent. Local Authorities will have the power to take enforcement action under section 25 of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 if a valid certificate is not displayed. Enforcement will start from 4th January 2009. EPC Scotland Ltd can assist every business and home owner in Scotland to avoid such situations by offering the opportunity to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate.